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SGX social media AI Masterclass 22 Jan 2024!

Updated: Mar 25

Just wrapped up an insightful Social Media AI MasterClass on January 22 with Andrew Chow, CSP as our trainer.

This MasterClass was graciously sponsored by SGX Group and I extend my sincere gratitude to SGX for organizing this enriching session. A special acknowledgement to the exceptional organizers Wong Ser Fong Shimona, Amanda Huang, and Jun Zhe Cheong for their dedication!

The course explored the intersection of Social Media and AI, offering strategies for enhancing online presence, outreach and productivity for Key Opinion Leaders in Capital Markets like myself.

Understanding the synergy between AI and social media is crucial in today's evolving digital landscape. The practical tips and examples shared by Andrew have provided valuable tools to navigate this dynamic terrain.

Excited to apply these learnings to improve productivity & social media outreach for SGX Equities & ETFs! Here's to continuous learning and leveraging technology for success! 🤖🤖🤖 🚀🚀🚀

See below for more photos!

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