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'Face of Phillip' campaign!

Happy New Year!

As part of PhillipCapital's 'Face of Phillip' campaign, I'm excited to be featured as one of the key 'Principal Trading Representative' to watch in 2021. Thank you PhillipCapital! What an awesome way to kick off 2021!

As per my 14 Dec 2020 writeup, it sure puts me on cloud nine to to see Mr Market tracking my bullish script ( However make no mistake, a strong rally that did not retrace much (ie no garden-variety pullback) does make me a tad uneasy to see the S&P500 Index inch up towards my upside targets. You see, in a bull market, every pullback is a pit stop to refuel for that longer mile. Having said this, price action is ultimately king and you have to respect Mr Market for what it is!

To find out what are my future thoughts on this rally & how I can add value to your approach for Mr Market, please visit or reach me at Live Long & Trade Well!

Thank you & rdgs

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