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Unveiling New Thai Blue Chips Trading on SGX 2 April 2024

Now here's an interesting webinar on SGX-listed Thai SDRs you should attend.

Of particular interests to me is the PTTEP SDR which is a pure upstream oil & gas producer. For the uninitiated, PTTEP is Thailand's national petroleum exploration and production company.

More importantly, there is a high positive price correlation between PTTEP and crude price fluctuations. As our SGX-listed big caps O&G (oil & gas) players are not pure upstream oil producers, PTTEP SDR listed on SGX is probably the closest we can get to having a direct big cap proxy to crude price movements.

Moreover, PTTEP SDR is traded in SGD which thus removes the foreign exchange risk component. In other words, if you are a Singapore-centric investor, you should keep PTTEP SDR in your watchlist. In case you aren't watching, other than the shiny yellow metal I spoke about recently, black gold is catching a bid too..

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below & sign up today!

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