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Thank you InvestingNote for having me as a Speaker

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

INVESTFAIR 2023 Speaker Thomas Ng, CMT

Topic of Interests: 'Bonds - The New Old Game in Town'

Together with other luminary speakers, I’m honored to be invited by Shanison Lin, CMT, founder of, to be a speaker for this year’s Invest Fair 2023. The fair was held at Suntec Convention hall on 12-13 Aug 2023 and attracted a record turnout!

I had great pleasure to share with the audience my current contrarian views of the global bonds market, titled ‘Bonds - the New Old Game in Town’, and how we can take advantage of this window of opportunity in the global bond funds space.

Pls scroll down for more photos of this exciting event!

Thank you again InvestingNote for the invite and see you next year!

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