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Gold is the only financial asset that isn’t someone else’s liability

On Monday 18 May 2020 1055am, I emailed Clients my latest post titled 'Gold is the only financial asset that isn’t someone else’s liability'.

Below is the full transcript of my write up:

'Dear Clients

Again finished a writeup too late on a Sunday night to post, so here goes:

I think many a time my whatsapp reply to Clients often sums up pretty quickly what my opinions are for the Index/stock or that asset class that I'm actively looking at.

This is the same for Gold & the Precious Metals Complex. Pls now take a look at the attached whatapp message to one my clients dated 30 April 2020 (bottom of page), before reading further.

Now the link to Ray Dalio's writeup is produced below. It is not for easy reading if you are not finance trained but I think Ray makes up for it by using simple to understand language. I think it is pertinent to understand how money & the credit machinery works and how it will ultimately tie in with Gold as the only financial asset that isn’t someone else’s liability.

Note: You do not need a LinkedIn account to access it.

To set the records straight, Mr Dalio is no doomsday conspiracy theorist. Long-term debt cycles take about a lifetime to transpire, unlike the short-term debt cycles that we all experience a number of times in our lifetime. So what we don't regularly see doesn't mean it will not happen. At the very least, be aware and stay awoke!

More importantly, my bullish piece on Gold is here:

Obviously this writeup is not asking you to go all the way out to buy Gold but perhaps having a reasonable positioning relative to your portfolio makes good sense. #youhearditfrommefirst

Oh & one last thing, with the recent Spot Gold bullish Pennant Pattern (or arguable Symmetrical Triangle Pattern) breakout on Thursday (14 May), the pattern-implied new target zone is now 1823 - 2013 +/-, depending on how aggressive this Complex becomes. As for stops, pls drop me a line.*

*For those who are new to Technical Analysis, price targets serves as a reference for bullish price action & does not warrant any guarantees that it will be reached. We deal in probabilities, never guarantees.

Further, you should always step into every trade or investment (whether short or long term) with a stop. No one should go swimming naked!:)

Live Long & Trade Well.

Thank you & rdgs

Thomas Ng, CMT

Principal Trading Representative




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