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Conspiracy Theory of 39 bars and 75 points!

On 27 Jan 2020, 11.55am, I emailed my Clients my latest post titled 'Conspiracy Theory of 39 bars and 75 points!'. Below is the full transcript of my write up: 'Dear Clients Happy Lunar New Year and may you & your family be blessed with good health and happiness! Since it's holiday season, thought I will keep it light and show some intriguing bits about the S&P500 Index & Gold Market. S&P500 Index (SPX): Now if you would to take a look at the attached SPX Chart below that runs from early 2019 til today, you can see that each of the 5 short term rallies throughout 2019 that reaches a new high** took an average of 39 market days (daily bars) to achieve the feat. **The 1st rally (shaded in green) starting from 26 Dec 2018 low took 45 market days (daily bars) to reach from a low to high. If you take the 2nd highest point reached in this rally instead (25 Feb 19), the number of market days (daily bars) become 40. ** The 4th rally (also in green) took 32 market days (daily bars) to reach from a low to high. However, do note this rally did not achieve a new all time high.

Gold Market (GM): As for the Gold Market Chart below that runs from Aug 2019 til today, you can also see that for each of the 4 short term pullbacks in this period that reaches a local low, Gold price corrects about 75 points +/-2 in each pullback.

You must understand that both the SPX & the Gold Market are not some illiquid penny stock that could suffer from manipulation. These are colossal major markets that attracts global traders/speculators & investors of every size and pedigree to play in them. But strangely enough & in lockstep manner, SPX rallied 4 times to achieve a new high using just about 39 days each while Gold price corrects just about 75 points each time before turning up. Now, armed with this interesting bit, you may have noted that SPX is only 4 market days away from completing the 39 days cycle (before seeing a more sizable pullback to the lower segment of the Bollinger Bands) while Gold appears to have completed its recent round of short term pullback. By the way, just to be clear, this observation is obviously not something you should depend on to make your trading/investment decisions since the sample size is so small! It's purely for fun and perhaps some Rothschild conspiracy theories to share during your Chinese New Year get-togethers! Oh there's one more thing - now that the Wuhan virus panic has gripped China & the World, how is the Shanghai Composite Index (SSECOMP) chart looking now & more importantly what are my views? Clients, you know who to call! Live Long & Trade Well. Thank you & regards Thomas Ng, CMT Principal Trading Representative 首席股票经纪 #plsreaddisclaimer #spx26jan20 #gold26jan20 #39bars #75points #conspiracytheories26jan20 #wuhanvirus #panic #ssecomp26jan20 #consipracytheory #illuminati #powersthatbe #danbrown Charts: tradingview Image:…/what-is-illuminati-google-autocomplete

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